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Consulting/ Advisory

We provide bespoke tailor made solutions to the vast majority of your business accounting related queries. We can provide suggested recommendations on various topics including, but not limited to:

  • Company formation
  • Registration for VAT
  • Registration as an employer for PAYE
  • Where applicable, industry-specific or nation-specific relevant registrations
  • Taxation advisory
  • Specific accounting treatment
  • Companies Act requirements
  • Strategic requirements encompassing, but not limited to, customer, supplier or counterparty negotiations, expansion issues, company management issues, human resource management, ring-fencing of assets, principled business management, et al.

Where our area of specialism does not provide you with a potential solution we can, in the vast majority of cases, refer you to a competent specialist who will be able to assist.

Statutory Records

We offer the following statutory services to our clients depending on specific client requirements:

  • Assisting with company secretarial duties.
  • Preparation and submission of the CIPC annual return form.
  • Formalising changes to company officials; changes of addresses; changes in shareholders; etc.
  • Issuing of new share capital and preparation of share certificates.
  • Preparation of the minutes for the annual general meeting.


We offer the following taxation services:

  • Employees tax preparation and submission via SARS efiling.
  • VAT preparation and submission via SARS efiling.
  • Company, Trust and Individual Income Tax return preparation and submission via SARS efiling.

As a value added service provided to new clients, a ‘health check’ is performed at take-on of the client to ensure that the client is complying with SARS requirements. This service is provided free of charge. The SARS ‘health check’ typically entails confirming with SARS that all VAT, PAYE and Income Tax returns are submitted up to date with SARS and also that all outstanding payments due have been made based on SARS records. The results of the ‘health check’ will be reported back to the client.

We provide specialist tax advisory services for those out of the ordinary and more complex taxation queries. Where applicable we may consult the advice of a senior tax specialist to obtain a second opinion to ensure your peace of mind.

External audit/ independent review

John Lightfoot CA(SA) RA is a Registered Auditor with the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors and provides a seamless value-added statutory audit or independent review engagement, depending on Companies Act requirements.

An audit or independent review engagement takes place in the following circumstances:

  • Audit or independent review is a Companies Act requirement.
  • The client’s memorandum of incorporation (previously known as memorandum and articles of association) stipulates that an audit or independent review is required.
  • The client voluntarily requests this type of engagement.

The new Companies Act may require that Close Corporations are subjected to an audit or independent review depending on their specific circumstances. It is strongly suggested that a member of the senior staff at Quotient is contacted if you are unsure where you stand in this regard.

Annual Financial Statement Preparation

We offer Annual Financial Statement preparation services to our clients who request this service irrespective of the size of the entity, sole trader, trust or partnership. Where applicable the Annual Financial Statements complies with the relevant accounting standards. We provide guidance to our clients in this regard.

It is a Companies Act requirement that Annual Financial Statements are independently prepared within six months of the financial year end. As Chartered Accountants with extensive experience in preparing Annual Financial Statements since 2002 we believe that the standard of the Annual Financial Statements that we prepare exceed the requirements of the Companies Act and accounting standards that apply.


We offer outsourced payroll preparation solutions which is bespoked to the requirements of our clients.

We offer the following solutions depending on client specific requirements:

  • Processing of payroll for wage and/ or salary employees
  • Distribution of employee payslips in PDF format to management by email
  • Preparation of monthly EMP201 PAYE returns and submission via SARS efiling.
  • Preparation of end of year payroll returns EMP501 PAYE return via SARS efiling.
  • Preparation of annual IRP5 certificate.

Accounting & Financial Management

Quotient offers outsourced accounting, book-keeping and financial management solutions to our clients on either an ‘onsite’ or ‘offsite’ basis. This service is bespoke to client specific requirements.

Our offsite service entails the provision of an accounting bureau facility whereby the client delivers their paperwork to the Quotient offices. Our onsite service entails the provision of an experienced client accountant at the premises of our client.

Our solutions cover the following functions, depending on client specific requirements:

  • Processing of transactions
  • Preparation of supplier remittances and payments
  • Customer invoicing and credit control (if applicable)
  • Cashbook processing and reconciliation of bank account and other key account reconciliations
  • Provision of client Trial Balance, General Ledger, Customer Ledger and Supplier Ledger in PDF format (other formats available on request)
  • Preparation of management accounts
  • Preparation of the relevant VAT returns
  • Preparation of budgets, forecasts and longer term cash flow forecasts in consultation with management.
  • Active cash-flow management
  • Tax administration and management